Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ads are undoubtedly a powerful tool if properly implemented and managed. With the ever-changing platform, let an expert take the reigns for you! We'll make sure your Facebook pixel is set up properly on your website, create custom audiences, and everything on an as needed basis to help you generate more revenue and leads. During the initial setup phase (this is a requirement before we can take action on one of our monthly plans), we will do all of the necessary ground work to set you up for success!

Initial setup is $200 - After that we require a one month minimum contract so that we can start seeing results. Contact me for pricing information so that we can work out a plan that works for your business. During our consultation, we will also determine if we are a good fit for each or if there is any prior work to your website that needs to be done first so that we aren't wasting money on ads that aren't likely to convert.