Private Coaching

Hey, there! Are you ready to really dig deep into your business and make a change for the better? I'm here to help make growing your business a much smoother, quicker, and more successful process! I offer private coaching to women looking to take their boutique or other similar product based business to the next level; whether you're just getting started or making improvements to your seven-figure business, I can assist!

Below are just some of the topics that we can cover, but it really depends on your specific business! Our conversations will be tailored to what's best for YOU and YOUR business. Together, we'll make a road map outlining your goals for your business and what you need to do to achieve those. We'll continually reassess what's working and what's not, what needs to change, and what needs to be done to get you back on track to meeting your overall goals!

- Marketing

- How to become more profitable (or begin making a profit in the first place!)

- Getting your website up and running

- Hiring and managing your team

- Mindset and accountability

- Taking your established business to the next level

- Branding your business so that it can make a lasting statement

- Getting your boutique or other similar product based business up and running

- Narrowing down on your business idea and what to do next

Why work with me? I've been a boutique owner myself for since 2013 both with a brick-and-mortar and a very strong online presence. I've built up my own brand with an amazing loyal following. My brand even manufactured it's own line that customers came to love and depend on! I also hold an Master's Degree in Business (with an accounting emphasis) and have helped manage a billion dollar company prior to opening my storefront. I'll be honest, I learned some amazing tricks and industry secrets working for that large retail chain, as well as some things NOT to do that can be particularly helpful if you have a storefront. 

Simply use the form below to set up a time for a quick call to see if we're a good fit for each other for private coaching! We'll assess where you are now in your business, what your current struggles are, and what you can expect from working with me. Please note, this form is for those interested in coaching/consulting only. If you are interested in our other services and need to contact me first or schedule a call, please use the contact form on our website by clicking here.

Talk to you soon!

~ Dana-Chérie