Website Setup & Design

Shopify is our most recommended website platform to use for small businesses with inventories (think boutiques, etc.) to create a beautiful and professional looking website that you can easily maintain on your own after the initial setup we do for you! The platform is super convenient and you can select from three very different plans that work for you. We can help you pick a plan that's best for you once we get your website all ready to go (it can be the last step in the process). More than likely, you will start out on the $29 per month plan which is paid directly to Shopify.

Shopify website setup includes:

  • Customization of your store to fit your brand (first & foremost!)
  • Optimizing your basic store info. for search engines
  • Categorizing products in collections for seamless customer navigation
  • Creation of additional pages such as "about us", "policies," etc.
  • Setup of tax, shipping, & payment preferences
  • General optimization of your store for sales
  • Installing necessary free apps you'll need to be successful with your store (on an as needed basis)
  • 1-2 video tutorials (as needed) made just for you to help you with getting started on your store

Pricing:  $297 

Need a Shopify website makeover? No problem! I'll get your site all fixed up and looking awesome in no time! Regular store setup prices apply to makeovers.