One-On-One Coaching

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Wanting to do your own Facebook ads, develop a marketing strategy that encompasses the bigger picture for your business, or just need additional help from an expert? Talk one on one with me during our coaching calls. This is your perfect chance to get your questions answered directly! Once you make your payment for your coaching call, I'll be in touch with you via email within 24 hours - we can assess later if you need more time.

Coaching calls are offered for the following topics:

Facebook Ads - We'll cover how to get started with Facebook ads if you're new to them and how to incorporate paid advertising into your business. If you've done Facebook advertising previously, we'll cover how to get better results to improve your return on ad spend.

Shopify Design/Setup - We'll cover how to create your own Shopify store including techniques to make a beautiful homepage and ways you can create a better experience for your website visitors. If you have an existing store, we'll go over things you can implement to make yours better (can range from branding to increasing conversions with a better layout)

Taking Your Established Business to the Next Level - We'll take a close look at where you are currently at in your business & discuss an action plan that will help take your business to the next level! Social Media Strategy - We'll cover everything from choosing which platforms to focus on, when & what to post, how to reach a bigger audience, and so much more!

Getting A Boutique Up & Running - We'll cover how to get the permits needed, getting started on social media, how to pick a niche and business name, and so much more as time allows!