Email Automation Series

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Take your business to the next level with custom & fully branded emails for your e-commerce store!

We'll add an app that only costs $16 per month for the automation portion of the app (paid directly to Shopify or BigCommerce along with your monthly plan). We'll set it up so that it sends out different series of automated & fully branded email sequences. This can include, but not limited to, getting product add-ons, encouraging customer retention, & having a great series of three emails for abandon carts...did I mention that it cross-sells products from your store?! This is not all, though, the sky is the limit with email automation! What's great is once it's all set up, there is nothing more to be done - it automatically does everything for you!

This also includes a chic pop up box to collect emails that will trigger a welcome series of emails & a customized email template so that you can easily send weekly manual email campaigns for new arrivals & more as you wish!

A great email automation series is a must-have as part of your plan to increase your store's revenues to their fullest potential!

Specifically, the automated emails include (we can tailor these to fit your specific needs, but if more than two additional automated emails are needed than the ones listed below, additional charges will apply):

✅ Pop-up box to collect emails for your store
 Series of three abandoned cart emails
 Series of three welcome emails for new subscribers
 Series of three customer retention emails that are sent out if that customer hasn’t purchased in 45 days 
 Browse abandonment email if they visited your website and did not view an actual product page
 Product abandonment email if they viewed a product and did not add it to their cart
 Thank you email 10 days after a customer makes a purchase showing them more products they might be interested in