META Ads Funnel Setup

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META (Facebook and Instagram) ads as well as TikTok ads (not the promote button) are undoubtedly powerful tools if properly implemented and managed. Our Facebook/Instagram (META) advertising services are for any ecommerce business.

We now offer funnel setup which includes 4-5 ad campaigns for you to help take your business to the next level! We set it up for a one-time cost, you take it from there (easy to follow video tutorial is made JUST for you)!


- Because you are running your own ads, you can toggle on and off the campaigns as needed to suit your budget

- Because you are running your own campaigns, you can increase or decrease the ads as needed to fit your budget

- Includes a funnel to retargeted your warm audience as well as a funnel to target new customers 

- Because you are running your own campaigns, there are no requirements to be a candidate for this service

- Because you will be running the ads on your own after our initial setup, the service fee paid to us is only a one-time thing and you can focus the rest of those dollars on the actual campaigns!


-  Ads will be setup and available for you to start running within seven days of signing up for this service

- A video tutorial made specifically for you that goes over the ads that we setup and how you can make changes on your own

- PDF sent upon sign-up that includes tips on how you can help increase your return on investment with the ads

- Upon signing up, you will promptly receive instructions on how to get us added to YOUR ads manager (you will be the owner of all assets and will be able to view your ads at any time)

Ready to get started? Contact me for questions/concerns, go ahead and check out here to sign up and we'll follow up within 24 hours, or feel free to schedule a consultation call using the calendar below if you have any questions!