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 We're talking sales psychology in this blog post!


  • Describe the benefits/value (not just the basic facts about the product) - Why should they buy it? What's the benefit to them? How will it make them feel when they are using it and how will it improve their life?
  • Why is your company better than the so-called competition? Why should they shop with you? Let your customers know the "why" of your business (is there a cause at the root of your business and do you have ultimate goals you will do with the money from the business perhaps?). If you are doing something else that's special that sets your business apart, make sure it is known to people.
  • Make sure the overall experience customers get when interacting with your business is superb. Think about how they are treated and acknowledged and what you’d appreciate if the roles were reversed. Consider other aesthetics in the business such as packaging and the experience in-store, as well.
  • Set your business apart in a specific niche. That is, make your business the go-to for the style/type of items that you sell.
  • Include a thank you note/card (does not have to be hand written, but can be if that is feasible) that includes a discount off their next purchase.
  • Collect customer reviews and display them on your website. Send out a personalized email after someone makes an initial purchase asking them to leave a review (make it easy for them with a link to the correct place to do that) and a $5 coupon (or similar) as your way of thanking them for taking the time to do that. P.S. You can collect reviews on your Facebook page and use an app to pull those to display them on your website if you use Shopify. This does a few things: It creates social proof, helps create a buzz and also gets those past customers interacting with your brand again (and if they weren't thrilled, it gives you the opportunity to make it right).
  • High-quality photos (and with multiple views of the product). Also, adding videos showing the product in movement or demonstrating the product are an added plus.

I hope you found these tips helpful and put them into action! I'd love for you to share your results in our group, Boutique Connection Mastermind - A Community for Women Entrepreneurs

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~ Dana-Chérie

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