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If you use Shopify as your platform, I can help get your store all setup to be search engine friendly! I'll analyze what the best keywords and keyword phrases that we should optimize your store for so that you can ultimately rank for those when someone does a Google search thus driving free quality website/storefront traffic daily. This investment is one best done as early as possible in your business since SEO takes time so do not delay doing this important component to taking your business to the next level any longer. If you're already an established business and either haven't done much in terms of SEO or just don't really know SEO best practices, don't worry - there is no time like the present so let's get going on getting your website optimized for Google search today!

What's included with our SEO package:

  • Analyzing of data so that we determine the best keywords that your business could rank for on the first page of Google results
  • Making sure your website is being indexed by Google so that you can rank for your keywords/keyword phrases (if not, we will get this taken care of)
  • Setting up of apps we have tested so that we can make this a faster, smoother, and less costly process than traditional SEO companies do (apps we set up will cost about $10 per month on an ongoing basis paid directly to Shopify)
  • Your store's ALT tags & meta descriptions will all be optimized so that you can rank higher for your keywords/keyword phrases
  • With my process for this, you won't need a month-to-month SEO manager - my initial research & the app setup will get you all squared away!

Turn around time is 3-4 weeks before completion of this project. I'll contact you via email within 48 hours after payment to move forward with your website optimization!

*For our payment plan, choose Sezzle at checkout!

The following are results for four different clients after the indicated time period: