Email Automation Series

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Take your business to the next level with custom email automations for your e-commerce store! We use the provider Omnisend to setup your email program so you can send out emails to your contacts whenever you want, plus you'll have an automation series that goes out which includes abandoned cart series, etc. Omnisend syncs with Shopify and BigCommerce. Starting price paid by you to Omnisend is $16 per month. The $297 paid to us for setup & customization is a one-time payment.

This also includes a chic pop up box to collect emails that will trigger a welcome series of emails.

A great email program and automated series is a must-have as part of your plan to increase your store's revenue to its fullest potential!

Specifically, the automated emails include (we can tailor these to fit your specific needs, but if more than two additional automated emails are needed than the ones listed below, additional charges will apply):

✅ Pop-up box to collect emails for your store
 Series of three abandoned cart emails
 Series of three welcome emails for new subscribers
 Series of three customer retention emails that are sent out if that customer hasn’t purchased in 45 days 
 Browse abandonment email (they viewed your homepage, but not a specific product)
 Product abandonment email (they viewed a specific product, but did not add it to cart)
✅ If you have contacts on a different email provider, we will import those contacts into Omnisend

✅ Quick tutorial (not specific to your shop) on how to easily end out Omnisend 'manual' emails, as well

If you have not signed up for an Omnisend account, you can do so here: