Are your Facebook ads not delivering or under-delivering? Here's some of the main possible reasons that you can check for!

If you go back to check on an ad after 12-24 hours and your ads are still not delivering, there are a few possible reasons:

- You have reached your account spending limit (in this case simply reset the amount)

- Your payment for ads has been declined (you may need to manually go in & pay or put in a new payment method)

- There is too much text in your ad image (you cannot have more than 20% text, but it's easier to simply avoid text altogether in an ad image if possible)

- Your budget isn't high enough to compete in the FB ad marketplace at that given point in time (try increasing your daily budget & see if that helps)

- Your ad set is turned off (go back into the campaign to turn it switch it back on)

- You've edited the ad too many times within a short time-frame

- Low bid amount (it is best to just let Facebook do automatic bidding & leave this blank)

- Your target audience is too small

I hope you found these tips helpful and put them into action! I'd love for you to share your results in our group, Boutique Connection Mastermind - A Community for Business Owners  

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~ Dana-Chérie