Website Design & Setup

Needing a unique and experienced website designer for your online shop or boutique? If so, you've come to the right place!

Imagine having a website that your customers LOVE to shop! A beautiful yet functional website that is set up for conversions - easy to navigate, easy to checkout, and professional looking so that you build trust with your visitors (this makes them more likely to feel comfortable purchasing!).

Whether you need an awesome website for your boutique, an easy-to-use website for your wholesale business, or a fabulous site for your product based e-commerce business that's not a boutique, we are here to help design and setup your online shop to perfection so that your website visitors will have a unique & excellent user experience.

Both of our web design/setup tiers will help you achieve this and both are great options depending on your needs and perhaps what stage you're at in business while using our favorite website platform for e-commerce - Shopify!

Our Gold Tier is perfect for those brands just starting out that want something amazing, for established businesses that don't have their own product photography, or brands that simply want a simple yet professional website without custom graphics. 

Our Platinum Tier can be great for those just starting out, too, but typically is the best option if you already have your own product photography or a few lifestyle photos since we can take your beautiful images and make custom graphics so your homepage really stands out from the rest! If you do not have your own product photography and want the Platinum Tier, we are more than happy to find the best images from a paid database that would be very well suited for your brand and make custom graphics out of those images.

If you are unsure of which tier to choose, don't hesitate to contact us!