META Ads Management - Holiday Package


Facebook and Instagram ads are undoubtedly a powerful tool if properly implemented and managed. With the ever-changing platform, let an expert take the reins for you! Our Facebook & Instagram advertising services are for boutiques (or similar product based businesses) that already have an established online business that are generating regular website orders. Our services are meant to enhance what is already working in your business and to take this task off of your plate so you can focus on what you enjoy most in your business.

This is an amazing offer that we've never done before and we have very LIMITED spots available! This holiday shopping season (October 1 to December 31), let us take the reins on sending out your META (Facebook and Instagram) advertising campaigns for you at an amazing deal. Get all three months for $1297 TOTAL (this does not include your ad spend that you will pay directly to Facebook)! If you decide to continue after this holiday shopping season, it is $697 per month.

Note: If you sign up after October 1, we will roll any unused days over into January and so forth as needed. 



- A Shopify, BigCommerce, or CommentSold website

- At least $200 in ad spend per 30-day period (you will pay this directly to Facebook)


-  Updates bi-monthly via email or Facebook messenger with your current ad results (whichever is your preferred method of communication)

- Once a month 20-minute phone call if requested by the client (we value your time and understand that this isn't always necessary, but are open to it when needed)

- Our primary focus is driving website traffic to increase sales, although we are open to running ads for a specific event and your storefront. In other words, we typically do not focus on app downloads and live selling ads, but instead suggest to focus on building email and text lists to funnel them into these that way.

- PDF sent upon sign-up that includes tips on how you can help increase your return on investment with the ads

- Upon signing up, you will promptly receive instructions on how to get us added to YOUR ads manager (you will be the owner of all assets and will be able to view your ads at any time)

- Upon signing up, we can discuss our overall ads strategy that we will be using which includes possible discounts that might be shown (upon your approval) to potential customers

- New client ads will start running October 1 (assuming you have added me to your ad account in a timely manner per the instructions I send via email)



- You are running out of money in your business and are desperate for sales

- You do not understand that Facebook & Instagram ads need to be thought of as an investment and not a get rich quick scheme

- You want each ad explained to you and you want to approve the ad prior to me publishing the ads (not including for special events or specific products you are wanting promoted)


- You are seeing organic growth in your business via website orders and you are wanting to take it to the next level

- You have seen good results with Facebook advertising for your online store, but want a marketer to take the reins for you so that you can focus on other aspects in your business

Ready to get started? Contact me for questions/concerns OR click here to sign up!