Website Setup & Design - BigCommerce, Lightspeed, CommentSold, 3DCart

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Although we definitely recommend Shopify when possible, sometimes that just doesn't make sense for some businesses, typically when their point of sale system in their store would need a third party to sync the inventories between Shopify & their point of sale (which increases their monthly expenses!). We offer BigCommerce, Lightspeed, CommentSold, and 3DCart web design & setup, as well, so no worries (please note that CommentSold does not need a third party to sync inventories to Shopify, but some still prefer to have the CommentSold site over Shopify to keep expenses down).  

BigCommerce, Lightspeed, CommentSold, & 3DCart Website design/setup/makeovers include:

  • Customization of your store to fit your brand (first & foremost!)
  • Optimizing your basic store info. for search engines
  • Categorizing products in collections for seamless customer navigation
  • Creation of additional pages such as "about us", "policies," etc.
  • Setup of tax, shipping, & payment preferences
  • General optimization of your store for sales
  • Installing necessary free apps you'll need to be successful with your store (on an as needed basis)
  • 1 video tutorial (as needed) made just for you to help you with getting started on your store
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